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Researcher and Author

Joel Bainerman has been writing about Israeli and Middle East economic and political subjects since he immigrated to Israel in 1983. His published independent research covers a wide array of topics on Israel and the Middle East conflict:

  • The Israeli economy
  • Israel’s technology-based industries
  • The economic dimensions of the Arab-Israeli conflict
  • The secrets of Middle East diplomacy
  • Why the Middle East conflict continues to exist
  • Jewish economic morality and business ethics

With a publishing archive of more than 500 articles and a book, Mr. Bainerman is one of the few independent researchers on the Middle East. Unlike most of his colleagues, who work for academic institutions or newspapers, he offers genuinely fresh, non-mainstream perspectives which have been featured in many of the leading journals and economic publications in the world.

This website features Mr. Bainerman’s record of achievements as a researcher, author and lecturer on Israeli and Middle Eastern political and economic affairs.

Unique Perspectives

Mr. Bainerman’s publishing achievements are extraordinary. Few independent researchers have published as many articles in leading publications and on so many different subjects as he has. He has been able to do this without support, financial or otherwise, from any academic organization or media outlet.One of the reasons for Mr. Bainerman’s impressive success is his independence and his distance from the conventional sources of “wisdom” on Middle Eastern affairs. While considered to be one of the leading researchers on the Israeli economy and Israel’s technology-based industries, Mr. Bainerman, a graduate of the University of Toronto, approaches his subject matter from the perspective of the classical independent investigative journalist, not as a pre-formed member of the journalistic, academic, technology or business establishments.

“My research and life’s work,” Mr. Bainerman has said, “have been dedicated to one goal: To help my readers understand the real problems that exist in Israel and the Middle East.” To do that, he believes that one needs to first view these issues through a fresh perspective, rather than by accepting cookie-cutter positions as a basis for seeking solutions to these problems.

Lecturer & Speaker

Joel Bainerman welcomes invitations to lecture. He is an enthralling speaker and unlike most speakers on Israel and Middle East subjects, he shares his views frankly…never merely relaying what various government, industry and academia officials would prefer the public to hear.

Mr. Bainerman is a polished, professional speaker who not only educates and informs his audience, but provides them with a lively, entertaining presentation. Typically, he delivers a two-hour presentation without shuffling through and reading from prepared notes. Throughout his 15-year career as a lecturer he has never delivered dry propaganda or resorted to sensationalizing and finger-pointing, something which so many speakers on the Middle East seem to do.

Joel Bainerman resides in Israel and visits the United States five times a year for lecture tours. Please view the Current Lecture Options to view offered lectures corresponding to the wide variety of subjects that I have investigated.