I was born in Toronto and immigrated to Israel in l981 at the age of 24. Since then I have spent more than 20 years working as a researcher and writer on Israeli and Middle East affairs.

What is unique about me is that I have written and researched on so many different aspects of Israeli society and Middle East affairs: the Arab-Israeli Conflict conflict, the Israeli economy, Israeli high tech, trends and changes in the social fabric of both Israeli and Palestinian societies, Palestinian politics, the economic dimensions of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Palestinian business, and America’s Middle East policies.

What characterizes my writing style in the more than 500 articles I have published in the last two decades is that it is readbale, controversial and unconventional. In the honored tradition of the investigative journalist, I strive to show my readers an authentic, unvarnished “snapshot” of what I believe is going on, rather than the standard fare ladled-out by the big media. Because I am unaffiliated and independent, I have a reputation as someone who isn’t afraid to face controversies about Israeli and Middle Eastern issues.

I have always believed in the notion that the role of the press is to help the public understand the concept of the phrase, “the truth shall set you free.” No harm can ever come from the public knowing more about world affairs and in particular, Middle East and Israeli affairs.

Professional And Publishing Achievements

I started my career as business editor of The Israel Economist and The Jerusalem Post, and then went on to establish two monthly newsletters: The Israel Technology Letter, on developments in the Israeli economy, and Inside Israel, which reported on Middle East security and diplomatic affairs. From 1984 until 1999, I was Israel’s leading writer on business and high tech for business publications such as The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and The Red Herring.

In l989, I was the first researcher to look at the economic dimensions of the Middle East conflict and how economics impact on the political conflict. From 1989-1995 I published 55 articles on this subject, 15 of these in The Wall Street Journal and 25 others in various Middle East academic journals.

In 1994, I published my first book, The Crimes of a President, which documented the covert side of American-Israel bi-lateral relations.

A collection of my articles and further background on myself can be downloaded from my website. I can also send you a copy of my new research report entitled: Why The Middle East Conflict Continues To Exist. This 45-page research study describes in detail how foreign factors such as the international media play a major role in keeping the Arab-Israeli conflict alive.

Joel Bainerman