Publication Archive (1985 – 2012)

1. The Core and Essence of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Israel’s New “Palestinian Problem”, Middle East Focus, Summer 1989

Why Israel Should Rule, The Christian Science Monitor, October 19th, 1989

Synagogue and State, The Middle East, November 1989

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Rabin Must First Make Peace With His Cabinet, The Wall St. Journal, November 6th, 1992

Pity The Poor Palestinians, The Baltimore Sun, December 7th, 1992

The Peres Gambit, The National Review, March 7th, 1994

2. The Israeli Economy

Development Towns Need More Autonomy, The Jerusalem Post, April 17th, 1990

Reordering Our Priorities, The Jerusalem Post, July 20th, 1990

Subsidy Cuts Didn’t Go Far Enough, The Jerusalem Post, July 25th, 1990

Israel: The Singapore of the Middle East? The Jerusalem Post, August 2nd, 1990

Moving Beyond Grants and Subsidies, The Jerusalem Post, August 10th, 1990

Guarantees Passed- Restructuring Needed, The Jerusalem Post, August 31st, 1990

Ministry Job-Creation Plan is Based On Bankrupt Ideas, The Jerusalem Post, September 5th, 1990

Finance Industry, Not Government, The Jerusalem Post September 7th, 1990

Where’s The Beef?, The Jerusalem Post, September 14th, 1990

Populist Economics and Dictatorial Rule, The Jerusalem Post September 28th, 1990

Independence At Any Price, The Jerusalem Post, October 12th, 1990

Where’s The Money To Come From?, The Jerusalem Post, December 14th, 1990

Just the Bare Minimum, The Jerusalem Post, December 21st, 1990 Israel

Might Be Better Off Without American Aid, Moment Magazine, December 1990

Cut Off Aid To Israel And Watch It Thrive, The Wall St. Journal, July 23rd, 1991

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Israel Would Be Helped If US Bocks Loan Aid, New York Newsday, February 28th, 1992

Shock Treatment, The National Review, April 13th, 1992

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Free Export Zones Aren’t So Free, The Wall St. Journal, August 3rd, 1993

Looking the Gift Horse In The Mouth, The Washington Post, October 29th, 1995

3. The Economic Dimensions of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Finding Common Ground, The World & I, September 1989 Funding The Future, The Jerusalem Post, January 31st, 1990

Palestinian Firm’s Business Plans Are Being Shaped By The Intifada, The Jerusalem Post, February 18th, 1990

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Cost Of Resettling Arab Refugees Uncertain, The Jerusalem Post, June 11th, 1990

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Too Close For Comfort, World Link, December 1997

Betting The West Bank: High Tech Faces Huge Challenges in Gaza and the West Bank, Red Herring, August 1999

4. Israeli High Tech

Israel’s Science-based Industries: Sudden Plunge Into Losses, The Financial Times, June 1st, 1987

Targeting Israel Middle East Insight, March 1996

Free Ride: Why So Many Israelis Want Government To Reconsider Subsidizing Multinationals, The Red Herring, October 1997

No Love Lost Between Israeli VCs, Start Ups, Upside,November 1997

Bargain Bonanza, Red Herring, November 1998

Too Much Of A Good Thing, Forbes, January 25th, 1999

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1999 To Be Acquired Or To Go Public, The Tornado-Insider, May 1999

Time to Expose The Wall St. Con Game, The Tornado-Insider, June 1999

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Start Ups for Sale, The Tornado-Insider, September 1999

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5. Russian Immigration to Israel

A Caravan For Every Family, The Jerusalem Post, June 22nd, 1990

Give a Hand, Not a Handout, The Jerusalem Post, June 27th, 1990

The Private Sector Can Help Olim, The Jerusalem Post, June 29th, 1990

Where Employment and Aliya Meet, The Jerusalem Post, July 18th, 1990

Reordering Our Priorities, The Jerusalem Post, July 20th, 1990

Prefabs are Affordable, The Jerusalem Post, August 2nd, 1990

Soviet Brainpower Boon For Business, The Jerusalem Post, August 30th, 1990

Why Panic? The Jerusalem Post, September 19th, 1990

Russians Da, Palestinians, Le, The Jerusalem Post, April 12th, 1991

The Russians Are Coming, Reason, January 1992

Israel’s Economy May Doom Soviet Aliyah, Moment Magazine, April 1991

6. International Business and Finance

Cyprus Joins the European Union, Forbes, December 9th, 2002